Hunger strike in Cajamarca


The 18th of June, on the 19th day of the regional strike against the Conga mining project, a hunger strike was initiated. This dramatic method of non-violent resistance shows the despair of some protesters. It is an ultimate attempt to draw the attention of the Peruvian government, who has been ignoring the voice of the Cajamarcan people since the installation of the Conga project. Now, on day 22 of the regional strike, the local people of the Cajamarca region still demonstrate their willingness to participate. The protest is taking many different forms; a march with pets, the largest ‘eco-banner’, video projections on the square, poems written on the ground of the square, a torchlight procession, … . The people of Cajamarca do not accept the structural democratic deficit installed by the central government; in its most extreme form, this is made clear by the hunger strikers.

A testimony of several hunger strikers:

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