The strike in Cajamarca – rights violated (21-06-2012)

The strike in Cajamarca against the mining project Conga continues. The 22nd day of the regional strike was a another black day for democracy in Peru. Around 7 pm people came together on the Bolognesi square, chanting and eating. Police forces came in great numbers to end this demonstration, using tear gas, hitting and arresting people. Press was threatened as they tried to get all this on tape. How many people are injured and detained is not clear, numbers differ from source to source. Media in Peru are often controlled, the majority of the media now already is reporting about ‘the confrontation’ between the police and ‘these terrorists’, ‘these violentistas’ (El Comercio, Peru 21,  …).

Here you can find a four minute movie, showing the police violence on the Bolognesi square.

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