The hunger strike continues – President Humala: Conga is viable

On the sixth day of the hunger strike against the Conga mining project in Cajamarca, President Humala Ollanta declared that Minera Yanacocha accepted the government imposed conditions. “We have ratified our decision to implement the recommendations international auditors made to the environmental impact study for the Conga project” Newmont communicated.

After the international expert report in April, the government imposed new conditions regarding the exploitation of the Conga mining project. Newmont Mining reacted heavily; “We have other options if it is not favorable”, CEO Richard O’Brien said. International economists, however, agreed that Newmont was unlikely to abandon the Conga project; too much gold and copper were to be lost.

On June 23 president Humala declared that Minera Yanacocha accepted the conditions, meaning that the Conga project will go through. This message was shown on national television, broadcasted on radio and instantly published on websites of newspapers.

On June 23, the sixth day of their action, the hunger strikers in Cajamarca also have a message they want to share, addressed to President Ollanta Humala:

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